INFORMINS has been in the insurance technology industry for over 20 years.

Different Insurance Systems​

There are 3 different types of insurance systems used today.​

Informins Code Based System

Code-Based System

Code-based systems make it very difficult to customize the system’s source code or user interface. Programmers or the system vendors must be brought in. System changes are time-consuming and costly.
Informins Tool Based System

Tools-Based System

With tools-based systems, business users can be trained to make changes themselves. Unfortunately, these systems also require a great deal of programming, and you have to define and design every aspect of the system yourself. Configuration tools can be as complex as a proprietary programming language.
Informins Framework Based System

Framework-Based System

Framework-based systems make it easy for business users to update and modify the software themselves without any programming involved. The result is that you can implement and modify your distribution system quickly and cost-effectively.
InformINS Technology Architecture

System Architecture


InformINS Technology Integration