e-Volve Producer Management™

Producer Management is the most under-developed area with most companies, but not with us.
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e-Volve Producer Management™

We Help Where Others Don't

From talking to our customers and prospects it’s abundantly clear that this has been an area that has been very under-developed. The problem also runs deeper – in additional to being under-developed it is also under-defined especially with regards to producer the analysis area. Because this area has bee so underserved we’ve worked with numerous customers and prospects and we’ve developed some pioneering new features and functionality. While we feel that you’ll be impressed with the current features we’ve developed this is an ongoing process and we will continually be adding features based on continual customer feedback.
Our Producer management system itself consists of two modules – CRM and Analysis.

Agency CRM is targeted towards Marketing Reps that deal with agents/producers every day. In some ways it does act as a horizontal CRM but the main difference is that here the customers relationship (i.e. producer relationship) is highly dominated by agency performance! Insurance marketing reps need to deal with poor performing producers as well as excellent ones and we provide multiple customer specific rule based options to determine which producers should be seen and how often. Our system’s CRM part has four main tasks:
Compliance tracking
Help Reps understand which producers to work with
Help Reps to organize that work; (including mapping and routes)
Help carrier/GA review, manage and track their reps activities and performance
For compliance we’ve integrated a producer suspense diary foundation which is intended to automate many tasks and help those Reps to track agency compliance (E&O, License etc).

For agency interaction we start with a consolidated table/report where on a single report type screen we give year on year and month on month data and provide trending numbers as indicators pertinent to agency’s performance from different angles.

We identify the weakest producers and we start working:
Define and track visits/customer interactions
Help optimize agency visit trips by building routes to a several nearby agencies
Analyze carrier’s coverage of state or area by agents and target marketing effort
Agency visits in turn allow reps to utilize internal notes/notification mechanisms to set and track follow up visits and collaborate with various parties.

Agency Analysis module.
The main purpose of this module is to analyze carrier’s relationship with producers in order to help categorize them better, provide objective look at them and ideally provide some metrics that give dollar value of your relationship with each agency. Most advanced features like data mining can also flag possible problems in the future.

Clearly the final agency ranking is made by using a customer specific formula and used to predict possible problems using historic data. We also have a partnership with a data mining experts that can analyze your portfolio and come up with some predictive parameters.

e-Volve Producer Management™ is available as a standalone system or as part of the e-Volve Suite™ and can be integrated with legacy systems and third party applications.