e-Volve Billing™

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e-Volve Billing™

Improve Assurance for Retention

InformINS believes that billing is a Carrier’s, GA’s and MGA’s most frequent contact point with insured’s claimants, vendor’s and producers. e-Volve Billing offers the best opportunity to improve overall assurance for retention and growth by providing more choices for flexible billing plans integrated with policy, claims, and general ledger systems.
Capabilities include:
Third party notification
Cancellations and reinstatement notices based upon carrier preference and state requirements
XML interface for outputs
Integrated lockbox, EFT, and credit card payments
Extended system for agency base insurance companies
Agency commission processing, reporting, settlement, and collections

e-Volve Billing is a highly scalable solution with multiple deployment options:
Software as a Service
Standalone System

e-Volve Billing™ is available as a standalone system or as part of the e-Volve Suite™ and can be integrated with legacy systems and third party applications.