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InformINS offers insurers end-to-end business and technology solutions, including the industry’s most cost effective portfolio of application software, consulting, systems integration and outsourcing solutions. We combine in-depth industry knowledge with proven best practices to deliver software services that meet the unique needs of our clients—whether it’s enhancing or expanding existing systems and workflows, or designing and developing new systems. InformINS’ global sourcing model allows us to use both onshore and offshore resources to mitigate cost and risk, improve project timelines and deliver high quality results.

e-Volve Data™

e-Volve Suite™

The InformINS e-Volve Suite™ provides Insurance Carriers and MGA’s the most cost effective end-to-end solution available in the market today! It is designed on an advanced, flexible and scalable platform which handles All P&C lines of business!
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e-Volve Rate™

A rating engine is a core function of most P&C Insurance programs, and let’s face it, most all legacy systems already have the ability to rate. Most however, are severely lacking when it comes to providing the flexibility and agility today’s evolving insurance market requires! InformINS has been providing customers with modern advanced rating solutions for the past 10 years across all P&C Lines of Business! We also understand that every Carrier/MGA has different requirements and we specialize in tailoring our solutions to fit your needs rather than vice versa.

e-Volve POS™

Quickly implement complex, automated, rule based underwriting logic across multiple Lines of Business.
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e-Volve Policy™

Processes all transaction types for any P&C lines of business, including new business, renewals and endorsements.

e-Volve Billing™

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e-Volve Producer Management™

Producer Management is the most under-developed area with most companies, but not with us.

e-Volve Claims™

Target claims administration processes to lower operating costs and optimize efficiency.
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e-Volve Portals and Mobile™

Keep Everyone Connected with 24/7 Access to Information and Support.