e-Volve Rate™

A rating engine is a core function of most P&C Insurance programs, and let’s face it, most all legacy systems already have the ability to rate. Most however, are severely lacking when it comes to providing the flexibility and agility today’s evolving insurance market requires! InformINS has been providing customers with modern advanced rating solutions for the past 10 years across all P&C Lines of Business! We also understand that every Carrier/MGA has different requirements and we specialize in tailoring our solutions to fit your needs rather than vice versa.
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e-Volve Rate™

Implementation of any possible program in less time than our competitors!

Our rating solutions provide our customers the ability to quickly and efficiently implement their unique desired business goals and were developed from the ground up to handle complex granular, rule based, comparative multi-program, multi-channel, self-administration.
Comparative rating – In simple terms comparative rating allows a Carrier or MGA to seamlessly deliver rating results for all desired programs, but also gets more involved when taking into account Business Rule/UW Rule based eligibility. As an example let’s use eligibility rules across multiple auto programs. Various programs are often designed with different goals/targets in mind. Some allow 10 points and some 12, some 1 DUI and others none. That means that the design should push eligibility to each programs rating engine and return for presentation only results from the eligible for a given insured programs. Comparative rating vendors provides this type of multi program comparative rating, but in addition to high costs, their solutions aren’t suited for Carriers/MGA’s who write in multiple states and integrate with multiple rating vendors.

Multi-channel support – Simply put, a modern Carrier/MGA rating solution should seamlessly provide Rating & Underwriting results to any partner(s) your company chooses. True Multi-Channel support includes not only Real Time Rating to multiple rating vendors, but extends to many other distribution channels such as wholesalers and direct to consumer via Carrier, MGA or Agency websites. Our systems are integrated with every substantial rating vendor in the U.S. and we have implemented numerous multi-channel solutions to meet the needs of numerous customer requirement. One of the more complex multi-channel solutions required a Carrier managed program distributed via multiple GA/Wholesalers to each of their separate sub producers.

Self administration capability – All of our e-Volve Rating solutions provide the ability for business users to manage their program(s) rate versions, factors and Business/UW rules via intuitive user interfaces. While Initial program development is typically most efficiently handled by a rating programmer, self-administration and rate version management are what most Carrier/MGA’s require in today’s market.

In addition to complex Auto, Commercial Auto, Home/Fire, BOP and numerous other programs we have also successfully implemented UBI (Usage Based Insurance) rating, distribution and management features.

e-Volve Rate™ is available as a standalone system or as part of the e-Volve Suite™ and can be integrated with legacy systems and third party applications.