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“It was clear from the start that we could rely on InformINS to take care of things immediately if a disaster should happen, it was a complete 180 from our old vendor.”
Jana Kang
Vice President of Operations
Insurance Companies and Managing General Agents rely on their policy management systems for every part of their business. From initial quote to underwriting, policy issuance, Billing and claims the policy management software needs to be robust, scalable and easily customized to meet the needs of the company. As a provider of customized policy management solutions, InformINS has helped many customers achieve what they didn’t think was possible.

We recently caught up with Hawaiian Hurricane Group to talk about their experience working with InformINS. We think their experience serves as a useful example of what sets InformINS apart from other platform providers.

When Hawaiian Hurricane Group first approached InformINS, they were working with a large nationwide policy management software vendor. “They made a lot of promises at the beginning,” said Jana Kang, Vice President of Operations. “They convinced our president to go with them because he had a relationship with some of their people.” Contrary to the initial high expectations, problems set in very quickly. Hawaiian Hurricane Group’s customer service was unresponsive and especially slow to deal with problems. Their back-office arrangements were inefficient and clunky. “We’re located in a disaster-prone area, and we were constantly worried that our vendor wouldn’t be responsive enough to get us through a bad hurricane season.”

Hawaiian Hurricane Group was referred by another Insurance Carrier customer of InformINS and after quite a bit of due diligence, the decision was made to move their entire policy management system over to InformINS. “It was refreshing to work with you right from the beginning,” Kang said. Early in the relationship, the company’s coverage area faced a hurricane scare. InformINS jumped on the phone as soon as the threat of a storm began to appear, assuring them that we would do what it took to keep them in business, even in the middle of a severe storm. “It was clear from the start that we could rely on InformINS to take care of things immediately if a disaster should happen,” Kang said. “It was a complete 180 from our old vendor.”

For Hawaiian Hurricane Group, the personal touch InformINS brings to the relationship is an important element that separates InformINS from its bigger competitors. They had worked with large developers in the past but always felt disconnected from them. That disconnected feeling can be uncomfortable when your entire business is depending on the vendor’s platform to work through thick and thin.As Hawaiian Hurricane Group’s business evolves, InformINS will evolve with it. “InformINS’s system is always evolving, and we appreciate that,” Kang said. “Our company has been able to grow due to working with InformINS.” We stay in regular touch by holding weekly calls to verify that performance is meeting expectations and addressing any concerns the customer may have. “If we run into any challenges, I get a timeline immediately, and Paul and his team always meet the promised date.”

InformINS is proud to hear success stories like these from customers who depend on us. We believe that building a responsive, reliable platform demands personalized, on-time service. To learn more, contact InformINS today.

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Hawaiian Hurricane Group Informins

Hawaiian Hurricane Group​

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