e-Volving The Insurance Industry.

InformINS Inc. is an Internet software development, services and information Technology Company which focuses exclusively on providing advanced cost effective, scalable end-to-end solutions to the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry.

Why Are We Different?

Our cost-effective solutions deliver premium service and high-quality products, allowing our clients to maximize their return on investment.


Achieve full, real-time integration with internal and third-party systems through cloud-based software.

Latest Web Standards

Our software supports all major web browsers and conforms to all current web standards including CSS 3, Javascript and AJAX.


Our customizable end-to-end solution allows for a more adaptable and scalable platform for P&C Insurance companies.

e-Volve Suite

The InformINS e-Volve Suite™ provides Insurance Carriers and MGA’s the most cost effective end-to-end solution available in the market today! It is designed on an advanced, flexible and scalable platform which handles All P&C lines of business!
Hawaiian Hurricane Group Informins

Hawaiian Hurricane Group​

Making Problems No Longer A Risk

See how InformINS worked with Hawaiian Hurricane Group​ to streamline their system and e-Volve the way they do business.

A Few of our clients

InformINS serves many insurance carrier and MGA customers with leading-edge technology and exceptional customer service standards.