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Welcome to PIC, Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance specialists since 1980.

Did you know that when traveling in Mexico, the legal authorities in Mexico do NOT recognize your U.S. or Canadian Insurance?  In fact, it is a felony to drive in Mexico without insurance provided by a Mexico Insurance Company.

Purchase your Mexico auto insurance on-line from two of the world’s most trusted international underwriters:

Mapfre Tepeyac S.A. de C. V. is the leading insurance carrier in Spain and Latin America with more than 15,500 employees worldwide in 37 countries around the world.  Mapfre Tepeyac is the only carrier in Mexico that offers U.S. adjusters providing prompt and professional service.

Seguros Comercial America S.A. de C.V. is the largest insurance company in Latin America and one of the most financially sound company due to their merger with ING.  Seguros Comercial America has a nationwide network of adjusters throughout Mexico.  If you plan to travel to border states (Limited Area), you could save up to 40 percent off your current rates.

Costco members enjoy a level of personal service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the best coverage available while driving in Mexico.


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