e-Volve Policy™

e-Volve’s Policy Suite is a flexible, Web-based policy administration solution that processes all transaction types for any P&C lines of business, including new business, renewals and endorsements (including automated Out of Sequence endorsements). We believe that to e-Vole policy administration means to optimize workflows, manage incoming data for fewer “Touches” and “Quick Results” in less time. Real-Time information views that are unified among the three portal types:

  • Company portal
  • Consumer portal
  • Producer portal

All access is securely controlled through roles-based authority. A producer sees only what you want them to see. A company underwriter, of course, has access to much more information.

e-Volve Policy™ is available as a standalone system or as part of the e-Volve Suite™ and can be integrated with legacy systems and third party applications.

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